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Wake Up … The Children Are Crying!!

How many times have you had a feeling that a child was being abused? Maybe you saw a parent exhibit a temper and the child shriek with fear. Or a peculiar mark that the child had difficulty explaining. Are the signs SO evident? Do you have to read an educated article or take a class […]

I have a life that’s good…

Life is crazy. It can really throw some hardballs at you. Our everyday experiences can encourage our thoughts to take control and bring about discouragement topped off with despair…if we let them. Though I would say that November has been a pretty great month, it is no secret that I have been struggling with some […]

Because I’m Happy…

I think every person has their moments of despair, anxiety, disappointment, sadness, and discouragement. We are all human. It’s natural, even if we are one of the happiest people around. Life is no easy ballgame for ANYONE to play, even if it seems as though to an onlooking outsider. But when those moments come around […]

Are We All Lost Stars?

Since being in Spain, I have found that my plans (working a full-time job, implementing a scientific research study, learning a new language, volunteering with non-profit organizations), insecurities (feeling like I have bitten off more than I can chew, being away from all of my friends/family back home, having a low proficiency in the native […]

La Prostitución en España – Part Uno

This post will be about what I have learned so far while in Spain and it will provide some insight to the perspectives of Spain citizens. So let’s start with the basics by discussing the laws of prostitution in Spain, and work our way into what exactly I am trying to learn about prostitution in […]

How Spain Does It: My Cultural Observations

I thought it would be a nice time to give my take on different cultural aspects of Spain. I haven’t been here for long, but have come across some comical and intriguing sights: Spain hosts about 46 million citizens, which is about 6-7 times smaller than the population in the United States. So have you […]