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You Never Know…

My experiences today in Spain have inspired me to write a little poem. I am not a poet so it probably won’t be any good. It might even be a little abrasive or exhibit some unexpected turns. I have just been inspired by people…both cruel and kind. But please bear with me… You never know […]

Políticas en España

So I have only been here for a couple of weeks and have already gotten acquainted with a few Spain (middle class) citizens between the ages of 35-50 years old. When you experience new countries, you come to truly realize what is happening in the world (firsthand versus watching the news) and you also come […]

Change is Imminent … You Ready Espana?!

So if you still haven’t figured it out…SPAIN, are you ready?! I have been contemplating this change for the past 12 months and preparing for this trip for the past 6, and am finally here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEE!! The feelings stirring in me leading up to the trip were unexplainable. Now that I am […]

I’m Leaving You, Goodbye.

If you loved me, you’d say “congratulations” when I obtained success, rather than point out my areas of improvement or focus on your shortcomings and/or accomplishments. If you cared for me, you’d put your own selfish needs aside just for one moment. If you had any ounce of integrity, you’d shame the need to kick […]

Preparing to Interact Socially in French

1) French Culture and Traditions: La Sieste Walk Like a Parisian Expats in France Meeting/Dining/Business Etiquette = When introduced, the common thing to do is shake hands. Once established, an air-kiss on both checks for both genders (starting with the left). You are expected to say ‘bonjour’ or ‘bonsoir’ with the honorific title Monsieur (i.e. […]