Dream North Foundation (DNF) is a new organization that supplies programs for at-risk women and children including rehab assistance, group homes, and societal preparation and placement. Our mission is to promote the advancement of underprivileged minorities, geared primarily towards youth and women, exposed to abuse, sex trafficking, and the judicial and foster care systems while emphasizing the importance of bridging cultural gaps by way of collaboration and global unification. 

In the United States, there are several harrowing statistics that shield stability for women and their children. Research from numerous studies has found trafficking rates among youth and young adults experiencing homelessness range from 19% to 40%. According to the anti-trafficking group, Shared Hope International, at minimum, 100,000 children are prostituted each year as part of the $9.8 billion U.S. sex trafficking industry. Many of these individuals may have been exposed to the judicial system from events stemming out of their own control. 

The DNF vision of using economic development tools as a catalyst to self and community preservation was born from compassionate community thought leaders wanting to make impactful change. Although DNF is a new non-profit organization, we will build off the team and experiences of DNE to create sustainability within our new and exciting foundation. 

We are in the process of obtaining our tax-exempt status in the State of California.


A strategic objective in support of our mission is to foster the integration of education, resources, and collaboration to provide several different programs of service for our beneficiaries. These programs include:

  • No. 01- Group Homes

    We will provide a place of respite for women and children exposed to abuse and sex trafficking and aged-out foster youth. The individuals served in our Group Homes might often be exposed to at-risk conditions such as single parenthood, homelessness, gang involvement, and former incarceration.

  • No. 02 - Rehabilitation

    We will provide mentoring, healthcare, and wellness resources through different methods of therapy. We aim to assist in the processing of emotional traumas, as well as physical therapy, fitness, and dietary support to ensure an overall healthy lifestyle. The individuals served by our Rehabilitation Programs often lacks access to healthy lifestyle coaching and services, placing them and their children at-risk for long-term health problems.

  • No. 03 - Societal Preparation

    We will provide our survivors with an opportunity to achieve the success and happiness they deserve for both the individual and their families. At DNF, they will gain resources needed to continue their educational and career trajectories, which might include job interview training and attire stipends, high school, college, and GED application support for scholarships and enrollment, and job placement. The individuals served by our Societal Preparation & Placement programs are often in unstable situations. Without stability, it’s often difficult for women and their children to close socioeconomic gaps that reoccur for generations. We believe the answer is through opportunity and training.

  • No. 04 - Mentorship

    We will provide mentorship opportunities in conjunction with our Societal Preparation and Placement programs. We encourage participants to make use of their mentors once they graduate from our program so we can track long-term progress.

  • No. 05 - Traverse Program

    Once participants have gone through all of our facets of programming, we have set up an off-boarding Traverse Program to conclude and ensure the independence of our beneficiaries and their families. We will provide assistance with permanent residency placement, food vouchers, transportation assistance, and welfare setup for all participants in any of our programs. We want our participants to have a fresh look at life with a clean slate while having everything they need to prosper with the support of available resources.


Nassau, Bahamas August 2022

Since May 2016, Dream North Entertainment has been dedicated to helping others bring their vision to life while encouraging women, youth, and community empowerment, birthing Dream North Foundation non-profit organization in November 2021.

Through the production of its illustrated children’s book series, Forgotten Baby, which focuses on real-life experiences that young boys and girls face when entering the foster care system at a young age, we hope to uplift readers who face similar challenges, inspiring them to keep moving forward no matter how challenging life can get.