Seeking Transcendent Expression: The Poetry in Me

This feeling in me. Pleasantly placing a pressure on the inner walls of my heart. Filling me with an indescribable sense of courage and hope.

This love in me. Embodying the serenity and happiness that has consumed my thoughts and spirit.

This joy in me. Forcing my lips to pucker and my mouth to expose the excitement that my cheeks are unable to conceal.

This peace in me. Causing a euphoric sense of tranquility to pulsate throughout my body, from my eternal soul to ends of my toes and fingertips.

As I patiently wait for a moment of clarity, allowing me to fully understand and enjoy the feelings inside of me. As I remain faithful to the idea that the kindness and goodness seaming from my pores into the lives of others will bring about a sweet departure where I may go gently into the night and be reunited with my Father and loved ones. As I maintain all self-control while I yearn for the moment where this life will be enough for me to sustain security and contentment. I will nurture the fruit of the Spirit and remain loyal to the anticipation of transcendence and the undying optimism that has been a part of me since my waking moment.

We were all born with the fruit of the Spirit embedded in our core. It is up to us to determine how we will allow for these gifts to be shared with the world until our moment comes where we are so fortunate to return home.

Inspired by my journey. Looking forward to getting to know you Espana. Con amor, Nicola