Taking Advantage of Inspiration

So I have been in the house all weekend getting over a cold. And then today, a friend of mine insisted that they ride for 1 hour to come visit me and my city. And as much as I tried to overt their plans, they eventually won the battle. If it were up to me, I would have been in the house all day, after being in Friday and Saturday also, with no problems.

So we started at a bar and had a few drinks, trying to communicate as much as possible in Spanish. Then we visited a discoteca to listen to some live music and dance a little bit. While there were a few moments where I could’ve allowed for things to get under my skin (a veces, la gente simplemente no te entienden), they did not! Other than me not allowing for things to bother me, tonight for some reason it was pretty easy. And also, I am trying to be nice 😉 Estoy bien conmigo mismo y con los demás. #unbesitoSOLOparaestanoche

Something about this night has inspired me. I am not sure what it is. Perhaps it was because I needed to get out the house and breath in the crisp, fresh (cold) Spain air. Or perhaps it is because I have a few alcoholic beverages in my system. Maybe it is because I got to dance a little after not dancing for weeks. Or possibly it was being able to speak to my family via Skype and see the excitement on their faces because they had the opportunity to see mine.

Whatever it is. I am inspired. And so appreciative of these moments. Because they do not come as often as I’d like. And to top off my evening, I came home to mis niños pequeños. They were so excited to see me and were eager to play. It lit up my heart that I could put a smile on their faces. Even though one of them turned around muy rapido to call me “mala” when it was time for him to go to bed. It didn’t bother me one bit because I understood his frustration.

We can be inspired by so many things. Perhaps a bad breakup resulting in an excruciating heartbreak. Or losing a loved one. Or being let go from your job. But when good moments come around that breed inspiration, I think it is something to be recognized and celebrated. Because sometimes it is easier to dwell on the bad, versus celebrating the good.

My life is in no way perfect. There are many things I could find to complain about. There are many ways I could try to victimize myself and say how the world is against me. But what good would that do me? There are so many people out there who are without. Without family. Without food and shelter. Without a friend to lean on. And while my life may not be deemed “perfect” in the eyes of others, it is my version of perfection.

The fact that I am able to find inspiration from the good that is occurring in my life. That is perfection. This happiness that I feel is overwhelmingly beautiful. And I am looking forward to more moments like these.

Listen to this song by Jill Scott, “He Loves Me“. While the love of a man did not inspire me today. I hope you can find a way to mirror these lyrics with whatever is inspiring you, just as I did…

This is for you. Can you hear the music in me? You insight me to co-write. With love, Nico

Deciding when it’s Time for a Change of Pace and Place

Has someone close to you ever said something like, “When it’s the right time for a change, you’ll know. And no one will be able to tell you otherwise“?

For some, it is an inquisitive thought tickling those adventurous curiosities, anticipating the opportunity to live carelessly and vicariously through the eyes of your other (inner true) self, like the explorative kitten or baby impatiently waiting for something or someone new to see, taste, feel and experience, with no fears of consequences or shame. For many, this feeling can seem like an overwhelming cloud of sadness, anger, insecurities, and regret, weighing on you each day, telling you that the life you’re living isn’t really the one you were meant to live. And for those few others, who are blessed with the life-changing occurrence of discovering the magic bestowed within them the day they became a reality of existence. The thoughts, feelings and occurrences of change can come with notice or unexpectedly. It is up to you to determine if you will take heed to it’s advice…

The mysteriously colorful journey on the road to changing paces and places brings about the possibilities of the same change and evolution we all seek at one point or another. The change that will breed the opportunity for us to be someone else, live somewhere new, meet people (un)like ourselves, and set goals that we hope will bring about a life where the fears and consequences of sadness, anger, insecurity, pain, and regret cannot survive. Life is full of change, even though we may not even realize the change occurring because we are too consumed with our everyday struggles and lack of focus on achieving the life and potential that we were born to lead.

After making the decision to seek a change of pace, I can now admit that I am the woman who has had the young girl buried deep inside, banging (in)discretely, trying to break free and express myself for me, and not for who I thought I should be or who others expected me to be. I am the woman who has made countless (repetitive) mistakes due to carefree tendencies, growing pains, and just plain selfishness, rebellion, and ignorance. I am the woman who has been overwhelmed by sadness, anger, insecurities, and regret, thus enduring sleepless nights, choosing the wrong relationships, destroying sincere relationships, and losing myself altogether on my reckless journey to, what it seemed like, a depressive state of nowhere.

So because it seems as though my decisions led me to a place of isolation, loneliness, and despair (i.e. nowhere), it made the most sense to also seek a change of place. I know this might seem a little melodramatic, so please do not misconstrue. (Laugh out loud). For me personally, when you are stuck in a 9-5 job that you don’t enjoy. When you find yourself being unsure about who you can trust (because let’s face it…we live in a secular world with so many others going through “life”, looking out for themselves and doing their best to “survive”). When you haven’t reached the level of accomplishments and success that you have aspired to for so long. All of these disappointments and failures can lead one to a “depressive state of nowhere”.

Therefore, sometimes, when you are stuck in an “empty life” and this cycle of repetitive self-destruction, your body begins to slowly dissipate, your mind begins to wither, and your soul can no longer absorb the colors of life that we have been so fortunate to have at our fingertips. Have you ever just sat next to your window in the morning as the Sun began to bless us with its presence for the day, and noticed the colors in the sky and felt the warmth of the sun on your skin? Such beauties are wonders we tend to take for granted due to our blind inability to absorb the colors of gratitude, happiness, and life.

But again, please don’t misunderstand. I dare not promote the act of giving up or “running away”. I am encouraging the power of self-empowerment and personal growth. I am expressing that only you can determine the colors in your stars. If you stop, and take a second to really think about who you are and where you would like to be, versus what you haven’t done thus far to get to where you think you should already be, you will be able to see a little bit more clearly. Your own perception of yourself is bound to become a little less blurred. You will be able to recognize that sometimes you have to step away, reboot, and then return to the healthy aspects of your life (such as a supportive family, real and loyal friends, and a good job, that hopefully you can come to adore and enjoy), so you are finally able to love yourself and be a better you, and in turn, truly love another. And maybe once you’ve stepped away for that moment and taken advantage of a positive change of pace (and place), you might realize that your journey has open doors and insights into the life that you had been searching for so many years.

My blog will discuss my changes of pace and place. It will expose you to the mysteriously colorful people, places and experiences that life may bring on the road to self realization, empowerment, exploration, and discovery. It will also introduce you to the journeys of others that I come into contact with that are willing to share their life-changing decisions and experiences. You will get to see me from a blurred, yet transparent, point of view as I travel the world in search of finding myself, experiencing true love for the 1st time hopefully and unconditional friendship, and touching the lives of others as I participate in global efforts against child abuse and human trafficking. I will share my experiences ranging from the process of determining my next place of travel, to obtaining a travel visa, to finding the best places to eat, to personal interviews with individuals suffering in at-risk conditions.

As I share with you, I hope to open the world to my heart, encouraging you to share your reservations, passions, and aspirations with me.

Is it your time for a change? Do tell Nicola…

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