I’m Leaving You, Goodbye.

If you loved me, you’d say “congratulations” when I obtained success, rather than point out my areas of improvement or focus on your shortcomings and/or accomplishments. If you cared for me, you’d put your own selfish needs aside just for one moment. If you had any ounce of integrity, you’d shame the need to kick me when I’m already down. If you weren’t so insecure, you’d be able to see the real me, rather than blame me for something you think you see.

I thought you loved me. I thought you were my friend. My confidant. My support. It wasn’t that you acted in a way contrary to what you promised or what I thought a friend should be. The disappointment was bred by the fact that you’d intentionally put me in harms way because of your own insecurities. There are parts of me that has thoughts of seeking revenge and smirking at the notion that Karma has finally found its rightful place with you. But that is not who I want to be anymore, and the other parts of me just feels sympathy for you. You do not know who you are. There is no place for kindness or hope in your heart, and unfortunately, you will always be hindered from obtaining prosperity due to the cruelness that has cultivated in you.

I truly feel sorry for you because it will be your loss. Ruining the opportunity to have someone in your life who supports and uplifts you during your weakest hour. Choosing the feeling of immediate self-satisfaction and gratification versus the security of an unconditional, long-lasting friendship and love. It kills me more than you will ever know or understand to have to say “Goodbye”. But I can no longer allow for you to be a toxin in my life.

We are all only human. Living each day in hopes that we will be seen…wanted. We are all prone to making mistakes. It is a part of life and our opportunity to experience self-growth. Because of this, I can only say that “I forgive you”. And I hope that one day you seek a purpose that is beyond your flesh. Instead of me acting as you have, I am just going to express the melody that’s in my heart…

If you would only treat me right, I’d stay here by your side.
But I am down to my last cry, So I’m leaving you, goodbye.

You turned away from opportunities, to sit and talk things through.
But now when I say I’m leaving you, you have so much to prove.

So long to all my pain. Goodnight to my heartache.
Goodbye sorrow, I won’t cry no more. I’m leaving tomorrow.

I made the choice to finally go, cause I can’t stand this pain.
It’s time for my last tear to fall, and me to smile again.

So long to all my pain. Good night to my heartache.
Goodbye sorrow, I won’t cry no more. I’m leaving tomorrow.

Sorrows and heartache. Goodbye, I’m leaving you.
Don’t wanna meet again. Has got to be the end, the end.

The sun will finally shine on me, and clouds will drift away.
There’s something that’s in store for me, that’s my brighter day.

So long to all my pain. Good night to my heartache.
Goodbye sorrow, I won’t cry no more. I’m leaving tomorrow.

To say “Goodbye” to a loved one. Whether it be a family member or a close friend. It can resemble the heartache of losing your first true love. This post can be open for interpretation. I hope it touches your heart and allows for you to heal from the loss of someone who you at one point or another considered to be inevitable or irreplaceable in your life. Sometimes you have to let go of the things you love in order to find yourself and become the person that you were created to be. Sometimes you have to endure an excruciating heartache in order to find the strength that was always deep within that you never knew existed. There’s something that’s in store for you…that’s a brighter day. Love yourself 1st. Be blessed. With Love, Nicola